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PCD3.M3120 - CPU basic module up to 64 I/O

Datasheet PP26-447 PCD3.M3120 - CPU basic module up to 64 I/O

PLC with 128 KBytes of user memory
Backup with internal Flash memory, USB port for PG5
max. 64 digital I/Os (not expandable), 2 interrupts, Web-Server,
RS-485 for Profi-S-Net or S-Bus, Ethernet TCP/IP

ENG07 Archive .pdf 0.18 MB Download
ITA07 Archive .pdf 0.18 MB Download

PCD3.M5340 - RS-422, Ethernet, up to 1023 I/O

Datasheet PP26-474 PCD3.M5340 - RS-422, Ethernet, up to 1023 I/O

Ethernet Controller with integral RS-232, RS-422 / 485 interfaces

ENG07 Archive .pdf 0.24 MB Download
FRA07 Archive .pdf 0.24 MB Download
GER07 Archive .pdf 0.25 MB Download
ITA07 Archive .pdf 0.25 MB Download

PCD3.M6340 - CAN, up to 1023 I/O

Datasheet PP26-449 PCD3.M6340 - CAN, up to 1023 I/O



ENG07 Archive .pdf 0.17 MB Download
ITA07 Archive .pdf 0.17 MB Download
CS03 Archive .pdf 0.32 MB Download

PCD3.M6540 - Profibus DP Master, up to 1023 I/O

Datasheet PP26-450 PCD3.M6540 - Profibus DP Master, up to 1023 I/O

ENG06 Archive .pdf 0.16 MB Download
FRA06 Archive .pdf 0.17 MB Download
GER06 Archive .pdf 0.17 MB Download
ITA06 Archive .pdf 0.17 MB Download

Technical Informations (TI's)



Manual 26-875 PCD1.M2xxx

Hardware Manual PCD1.M2_

ENG08 .pdf 12.38 MB Download
FRA08 .pdf 12.35 MB Download
GER08 .pdf 12.36 MB Download
ITA08 .pdf 12.27 MB Download

Manual : PCD2.M5xxx

Manual 26-856 Manual : PCD2.M5xxx

DE13 .pdf 11.43 MB Download
EN13 .pdf 10.66 MB Download
FR13 .pdf 11.90 MB Download
IT13 .pdf 11.58 MB Download

PCD3 Hardware

Manual 26-789 PCD3 Hardware

ENG19 .pdf 16.11 MB Download
FRA19 .pdf 15.43 MB Download
GER19 .pdf 17.69 MB Download
ITA19 .pdf 14.98 MB Download


Manual 26-861 PCD3-Compact

ENG06 .pdf 3.98 MB Download
FRA06 .pdf 4.00 MB Download
GER06 .pdf 4.12 MB Download


Manual 27-600 IO-Modules

I/O modules for the series PCD1 | PCD2 and PCD3

ENG08 .pdf 13.08 MB Download
FRA08 .pdf 16.45 MB Download
GER08 .pdf 15.48 MB Download
ITA08 .pdf 12.56 MB Download

PCD1 | PCD2 Hardware

Manual 26-737 PCD1 | PCD2 Hardware

DE24 Archive .pdf 7.83 MB Download
EN24 Archive .pdf 8.29 MB Download
FR24 Archive .pdf 9.38 MB Download
IT24 Archive .pdf 7.53 MB Download

PCD2.M220 | PCD2.M250

Manual 26-759 PCD2.M220 | PCD2.M250

DE03 Archive .pdf 2.57 MB Download
EN01 Archive .pdf 0.69 MB Download

PCD4 Hardware

Manual 26-734 PCD4 Hardware

DE09 Archive .pdf 3.36 MB Download
EN09 Archive .pdf 3.31 MB Download
FR09 Archive .pdf 3.35 MB Download
IT05 Archive .pdf 3.04 MB Download

PCD6 Hardware

Manual 26-735 PCD6 Hardware

DE03 Archive .pdf 2.69 MB Download
EN03 Archive .pdf 2.60 MB Download
FR03 Archive .pdf 0.31 MB Download

Instruction list for the PCD family

Manual 26-733 Instruction list for the PCD family

The manual contains the description of the basic instruction list set of the PCD.

Please note that the online help of the PG5 instruction list editor does contain the basic and the advanced instruction list description and therefore we do recommend to use the online help of PG5 instruction list editor.

EN Archive .pdf 2.34 MB Download
DE Archive .pdf 1.09 MB Download
FR Archive .pdf 1.36 MB Download
IT Archive .pdf 1.23 MB Download

CAN-Functions on Classic PCDs

Manual 26-839 CAN-Functions on Classic PCDs

EN03 .pdf 1.37 MB Download

The requested software / document is no longer marketed by Saia-Burgess Controls AG and without technical support. It is an older software version which can be operated only on certain now no longer commercially available products.