Product Index   PCD3   Fxxx: Comm modules   F1xx: for I/O slot 0

  • PCD3.Fxxx

  • Serial communication modules


System Catalogue : PCD3

Extract PP26-215_A0120 System Catalogue : PCD3

Automation Stations PCD3

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PCD3 Hardware

Manual 26-789 PCD3 Hardware

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File System and FTP Server

Manual 26-855 File System and FTP Server

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Firmware used in production

PCD3F2xx and PCD2F2xx0

Firmware 1.04.06 PCD3F2xx and PCD2F2xx0

Current official production firmware version of the PCDx.F2xx (0) modules

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ApplicationNote F2xx FirmwareUpdate 2011

Firmware ApplicationNote F2xx FirmwareUpdate 2011

Procedure for updating the firmware of a PCD2.F2xx0 or PCD3.F2xx

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