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System Catalogue : Management System Visi.Plus

Extract PP26-215_B0121 System Catalogue : Management System Visi.Plus

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TI Saia Visi.Plus

Technical Info PP26-331 TI Saia Visi.Plus

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Manual Saia Visi.Plus V1.7

Manual 26-787 Manual Saia Visi.Plus V1.7

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Visi.Plus Version Update

Manual Visi.Plus Version Update

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Installer of Saia Visi.Plus

The new Visi.Plus Setup (version is now available on the support page.

Below you will find an overview to high level general features and updates for Visi.Plus 1.7


  • BACDriver: This driver allows us to communicate between one or more BACnet devices and the Visi.Plus.
  • Software Dongle: A software dongle is a file that can be used instead of hardware dongle
  • SynchDMS: Is a   program which enables the comparison of data points from various DMS
  • Compability with PG5
  • Several Improvements and bug fixes




  • Version 1.7 replaces Version 1.6. Licences for Version 1.6 are valid also for the Version 1.7.
  • Characters are still limited to 80 chars. For BACnet long addendas are used and you have to use very short names (ca. 32 chars).

Saia Visi.Plus setup

Software Saia Visi.Plus setup

Visi.Plus Readme

Manual Visi.Plus Readme

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Visi.Plus Software Dongle

Software Visi.Plus Software Dongle

GetIPSerHD .exe 1.70 MB Download
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Visi.Plus PICS

Software Visi.Plus PICS

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Tools for Saia Visi.Plus

Remote Setup VP

Software Remote Setup VP

stand-alone tools for sa Saia Visi.Plus installation (with pChart )

DE-EN New .exe 68.27 MB Download

Signed JAVA files for Webserver of Saia Visi.Plus

The Java xx.jar files are needed when the JAVA engine is updated in the user PC.

After the update the Browser can not load the Visi.Plus webpage because of expired signature.

We provide here the xx.jar files for the latest actual version of Visi.Plus.

   to update:

        1. download the fitting zipped jar-file collection from the list below

        2. replace the original files in cfg\web\lib sub-folder of your Visi.Plus install-folder

                (e.g.: C:\Visi.Plus\cfg\web\lib) with the content of the zip

        3. restart pWeb

Signed Java Files for Visi.Plus

Software Signed Java Files for Visi.Plus

Signed Java Files for Visi.Plus --> 2016 Archive .zip 0.45 MB Download

Signed Java Files for Visi.Plus

Software Signed Java Files for Visi.Plus



Signed Java Files for Visi.Plus --> 2016 Archive .zip 0.44 MB Download

Signed Java Files for Visi.Plus

Software Signed Java Files for Visi.Plus

Signed Java Files for Visi.Plus Archive .zip 0.37 MB Download

Software (except PG5) / Visi.Plus

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The requested software / document is no longer marketed by Saia-Burgess Controls AG and without technical support. It is an older software version which can be operated only on certain now no longer commercially available products.