• BIM for PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers)

    The Term Building Information Modeling (BIM) describes a method of optimizing the planning, execution and management of buildings with the help of Software. All relevant building data is digitally collected, combined and networked. As a virtual building model, the building is also geometrically visualized (Computer Model). Building Information Modeling is used both in construction and construction planning (Architecture, engineering, building engineering) and in facility management.

BIM objects

IEC Controller

BIM - PCD3.M6893 IEC-Controller

Tutorial PCD3.M6893 BIM - PCD3.M6893 IEC-Controller

Saia PCD3.M6893 - IEC Controller

The most recent cyber security level (ANSI ISA 62443 – SL3/SL4) enables the use in mission critical and IoT / Cloud applications.

Main features

- PCD3 controller without battery
- 1 × GByte RAM and 4 GByte Flash for operating system and user program
- 1 × Socket for user data micro-SD card, max. 32 GByte
- 2 × Ethernet
- 1 × RS-485
- 1 × socket for PCD7.F1xxS communication modules
- 1 × CAN galvanic separated
- 1 × USB Device port for programming and service
- 1 × USB host 2 × interrupt inputs
- 1 × watch dog relay
- extendable up to 1023 I/O

Supported PCD3 - I/O Modules:

- Connector for I/O Extension PCD3.C200
- Starting with firmware PCD3.Ax, …Ex, …W3x5, …W6x5

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