Why the message IPM not present appears with PG5 2.1.210 on not NT PCD's?

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On not NT PCDs like PCD1.M1xx and PCD2.M1xx CPU which coud be equipped with IP modul (but the IP module isn't present) once the Device Configuration and the programme has been downloaded the CPU goes in Halt with the message 'IPM not present'



There is a bug in Device Configurator of PG5 2.1.210 which load an IP configuration with address to the PCD.
This lead to the situation that the CPU stays in Halt because the PCD expects to find an IP modul on slot B!


On the device configurator do select an IP Modul on slot B and chose TCP/IP Enable = NO


Download this configuration in the PCD.

Final solution:

The correction will be implemented in PG5 2.1.300


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