What are the differences between the COSinus firmwares FW 1.28.11 and FW 1.28.16?

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In June 2017:
the COSinus FW 1.28.16 was introduced into production for the systems:

- PCD1.M0xx0/M2xx0, PCD2.M4x60, PCD3.Mxx60, PCD3.M6880 and PCD3.T665/T666/T668.

the BACnet and LonIP FW 1.28.16 was into production, which do support the BACnet Revision 14.
To support the BACnet Revision 9 it's necessary to use the PCD and the BACnet FW 1.26.xx.

The firmware 1.28.xx or later can be used only on the following PCD's with 8 MB onboard firmware memory:
PCD1.M0xx0/M2xx0, PCD2.M4x60, PCD3.Mxx60, PCD3.M6880 and PCD3.T665/T666/T668

The table below does show the hardware dependencies in relation with the COSinus firmware versions

Do use at least the PG5 firmware downloader version 2.1.311 or newer (included in PG5 patch 2.1.311 or newer) to prevent the loading of the FW 1.24.xx, 1.26.xx or newer to a not compatible PCD.

Firmware 1.28.16 (June 2017)

New featues

  • All PCD's: When push button is pressed while power on then do not update FW from FS in order to execute a delete all.
  • PCD1.M0xx0/M2xx0, PCD2.M4x60, PCD3.Mxx60, PCD3.M6880 and PCD3.T665/T666/T668:
    Enhancement for HTTP server to transparently support sending compressed files.

Main corrections

  • All PCD's SBUS parity mode, correction when NAK character is received as first byte of response.
  • All PCD's: When download new Ethernet-RIO Program with the option ‘Delete all backups’ it can happen that the RIO is not commission and no goes no more in ‘data exchange mode’ until the PCD reboots.
  • All PCD's: When RIO name is not in upper case the RIO file is not updated until a restart is executed.
  • All PCD's: When RIO file is downloaded with download changed RIO file then RIO file is not sent to RIO until a restart is executed.
  • All PCD's: Ethernet Frame Padding Information Leakage fixed (CVE-2017-9628)
  • All PCD's: The Modbus CSF CloseSRPort does not free the port then a open/SASI call give an error and the port does not work.
  • PCD1.M2xx0 PCD1.M22x0 PCD2.M4x60: PCD can crash while power down when XOB 0 is programmed.
  • PCD1.M2xx0 PCD1.M22x0 PCD2.M4x60: MC0 mode with start/stop flag working again.
  • PCD7.D443WT5R: Alarming does not work since 1.28.00 FW.
  • PCD7.D443WT5R: When watchdog timeout occurs PCD7.D443WT5R does't reboot and stays locked.

Firmware 1.28.11 (Arpil 2017)

New featues

  • All PCD's: Support of BACnet Revision 14

Main corrections

  • All PCD's: Various Open Data Mode fixes: Read Timeout enhancement, Client Connection timeout and Client Keep alive with anonymous port issue fixed
  • All PCD's: Modbus RTU on all ports but specially on the F2xx module has been corrected to handle the response timeout processing in the case that the response is just occurring at the moment of the timeout.
  • All PCD's: Battery status shows FAIL also if battery module is missing.
    All PCD's: Various minor issues fixed
  • PCD1.M2xx0 & PCD3+: 38400/115200 baud settings adjustment
  • PCD2.M4x60: PCD7.F7500 initialization


PCD1 / _Firmware Classic

PCD2 / _Firmware Classic

PCD3 / Mxxx

PCD3 / _Firmware Classic

PCD1 / M2xx0

PCD2 / M4x60

PCD1 / E-Line

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