Security upgrade for Saia PCD® controllers

The Security upgrade was introduced since PG5® version 2.1.200 and COSinus operating system version 1.22.10 for PCD controllers and MB panel and is also included in all newer versions of PG5® and PCD operating system.

We do recommend to use the latest available PG5® version and the latest firmware which can be downloaded from our web site.

The upgrade include beside PG5® and PCD operating system in particular also the recommendation for external PCD-tested VPN routers as well.


The Security Upgrade improves IT security of PCD controllers. Nevertheless PCD controllers which are accessible via internet have to be protected by external components like firewall, VPN and proxy servers. (See Documentation: 27/30-004 Recommended VPN routers)


Caution: Via the internet accessible PCD controllers have to be separated from the internet by means of a firewall and a protected virtual private network (VPN)! The security upgrade does NOT replace this measure!


Major changes concerning IT security:


  • Protective functions are activated by default
  • Improved password protection associated with the role-based user management
  • Access filter using "white" and "black" lists 
  • Removed hardcoded password

Saia PCD® COSinus Firmware

PCD TypeMinimal

Micro Browser for Windows CE based Web Panels




Security Rules

Info 26-620 Security Rules

Network Planning and Security

DUT01 .pdf 0.37 MB Download
ENG01 .pdf 0.37 MB Download
FRA01 .pdf 0.37 MB Download
GER01 .pdf 0.37 MB Download
ITA01 .pdf 0.37 MB Download

Advices to connect the PCD's to the Internet

Technical Info 30-002 Advices to connect the PCD's to the Internet

DE04 .pdf 2.10 MB Download
EN04 .pdf 1.78 MB Download
FR04 .pdf 0.99 MB Download
IT04 .pdf 4.88 MB Download

Recommended VPN routers

Technical Info 30-004 Recommended VPN routers

Description of with PCD controllers tested VPN routers; configuration instructions