Version overview

PG5 2.3.113

  • This version does include a complete installation package of PG5 2.3.113
  • This version is installed in parallel with the precedent version of Saia PG5® 2.2.2xx or Saia PG5® 2.2.1xx
  • Projects done with the version PG5 2.2.1xx/2.2.2xx will be fully compatible with this new version.
  • Existing projects from PG5 2.2.1xx/2.2.2xx needs to be imported in in PG5 2.3.1xx
    The default location for projects in PG5 2.3.1xx is:
    c:\Users\<user name>\SBC\PG5 V2.3.1xx\Projects\
    Default location for PG5 2.2.1xx/2.2.2xx projects was:
    c:\Users\Public\SBC\PG5 V2.2.1xx\Projects\ or c:\Users\Public\SBC\PG5 V2.2.2xx\Projects\
  • Dedicated F-Box libraries used in PG5 2.2.1xx/PG5 2.2.2xx need to be installed again in PG5 2.3.1xx
  • Installation:
    For the installation, you just have to start the setup.
  • The user.key file used in PG5 2.2.1xx/2.2.2xx can't be used on PG5 2.3.1xx
  • The user registration – ‘REGISTRATION.KEY’ from version 2.2 or previous versions is still valid and can be used for the user registration of this version


New features:


  • Symbol Editor completely rewritten to allow a easier and faster Symbol handling
    • Easier dragging from symbols to FUPLA from anywhere on the line
    • Better performance
    • New ways to create multiple symbols at once
    • New multi-edit features
    • Group Comments
    • New Quick Search for symbols
    • New Filter options
    • Improved Symbol Error detection
    • Undo / Redo for all symbol operations

  • Symbol import conflict resolution window for more control when importing symbols
    • Shows conflicts when importing symbols from Text (Excel etc.), or from files
    • Conflicts can be detected based on names or adresses
    • Symbols can be edited to resolve conflicts

  • New adjust parameter window for speed up commisioning
    • Combines the best out of the old and new adjust parameter window
    • No open or close, information's are automatically displayed when you select a new FBox
    • Directly edit Online Parameters (saves a lot of mouse clicks) while keeping the original source values
    • History of changes can be displayed from the FBox
    • Possibility to hide parameters like BACnet options

  • New Template Import for speed up PLC programming
    • Way faster import of templates
    • New possibilities for Indexing (Absolute / Relative)
    • One place to do Find & Replace for all tabs



  • Generation of HTML 5 compatible web pages

    • Generation of HTML5 output from existing SBC Web Editor projects
    • Projects are up to date with latest browser technology
    • Possibility to generate from Web Editor8 Java, or HTML5 or Java and HTML5 compatible web pages
  • HTML5

    • Is modern
    • Fulfills the need of a modern Web application
    • Open for future and modern improvement
    • Cleaner Code
    • Responsive, Mobile optimized
    • Elegant forms
    • Built-In Video/Audio Playback



Device Configurator:

  • New devices
    The following devices have been integrated into the Device Configurator:
    • PCD7.LRL2-P5:        Programmable Room Controller with 16 I/O's 2 x RS485
    • PCD7.LRL4-P5:        Programmable Room Controller with 24 I/O's 2 x RS485
    • PCD7.LRL5-P5:        Programmable Room Controller with 24 I/O's 2 x RS485
    • PCD7.LRS4-P5:        Programmable Room Controller with 14 I/O's 2 x RS485
    • PCD7.LRS5-P5:        Programmable Room Controller with 14 I/O's 2 x RS485


FBox libraries

  • Standard Alarming FBoxes
    • Alarming Improvements for Standard & DDC Suite FBoxes in that way, that no manual creation of files needed anymore
    • New Alarm List Advanced FBox to provide all nessecary Informations to send out Alarms via Email, SMS etc.
    • New Alarm FBoxes with the possibility to use PCS, define Alarmtexts and Groups, Prio directly in the FBoxes
    • Processes Alarm state changes from DDC Suite and Standard Alarm FBoxes and puts them into a queue for sending them out via Email, SMS
    • Several options to filter for Group, Prio
    • Alarm Format format can be adapted to customer needs

  • DDC Suite System Alarm FBox
    • Automatically detect Alarms in the referenced Systems (AHU01,AHU02 etc)
    • Possibility to define Groups and Priorities
    • Automated collective Alarm for complete systems without placing any additional FBox like OR
    • Acknowledge Alarms per System

  • New Enocean EEP Profile FBoxes
    • With the new set of EEP FBoxes you can use every Enocean Device that is compliant to a EEP Profile
    • No dedicated FBoxes for devices are needed in future
    • Easy configuration for different type of devices inside of the FBoxes

DDC Suite

  • News
    • Support for BACnet Rev. 14. - projects can be easily upgraded
    • Support for Alarming 2 with Groups & Priorities
    • Fast and easy engineering with 38 predesigned templates for FUPLA, Web & Visi.Plus
    • Templates for AHU incl. Humidification, Dehumidification, Air Quality etc.
    • Automatic sending of Alarms via SMS, Email without engineering effort



  • Easy Update Tool:
    The Easy Update Tool is not part of the PG5 v2.3.
    The brand new tool is still under development and will be available in the PG5 2.3 Service Pack1.
    The tool contains an installer and a wizard.
    Wizard: The project developer will get a wizard to configure and generate only one single backup file containing the Firmware, the PG5 program and the complete Web Editor 8 project.
    Installer tool: The Easy Update tool is primarily designed for end customer who will be able to download a new project or update an existing project on site. The tool does perform an automatic reboot of the PCD’s and programmable MB-Panels after the loading of the file.

  • Graftec Editor:
    The Graftec Editor does not support the complete range of functions as is usual with PG5.
    The missing features are listed below:
    - Graftec communication with Fupla isn’t implemented yet. It’s under development
    - Graftec symbols are not visible in Fupla editor yet. The symbol integration is under development.
    The missing functions will be available in the PG5 2.3 Service Pack 1.

  • HTML5 on IPad:
    The IPad can run into performance issues.
    It takes a long time to load a new page if you click on a button that has a view jump.
    Corrections are still being implemented and will be available in the PG5 2.3 Service Pack 1.

  • Project Generator:
    The Project Generator Wizard is disabled for the first PG5 v2.3 version due to an issue of the project creation. The Project Generator will be available in the Service Pack version again.

  • Web-Editor8:
    Referenced variables aren't available in variable selection dialogs before manually refreshing the variable table(s). In case of a new project, this even prevents the variable selection dialog of properties or function-/condition-parameters from showing because there's no existing variables yet.

  • Web-Editor8:
    HTML5 Browser Compatibilty:
    Edge, Safari, Chrome and Firefox supports HTML5.
    IE: HTML5 is not supported.

  • Web-Editor5 and Web-Builder:
    Web-Editor5 and the stand alone Web-Builder are no more installed per default on PG5 2.3.
    If needed it's possible to install the Web-Editor5 manuelly. (Parts of PG5 2.3)
    During the installation of Web-Editor5 also the stand alone Web-Builder will be installed.


Windows 10:

  • PG5 2.3.1xx can be installed and used on Windows 10 operating system.

Windows XP:

  • PG5 2.3.1xx can't be used on PC's where Windows XP is running.


The requested software / document is no longer marketed by Saia-Burgess Controls AG and without technical support. It is an older software version which can be operated only on certain now no longer commercially available products.