SBC PCD1 system

  • E-Controller for installation in electrical cabinet. In the default setup, there are SBC S-Monitoring (energy) functionalities that can be adjusted with Saia PG5®.


    - PCD1.M0160E0 with SBC S-Monitoring function

    18 integrated I/Os no free I/O slots

  • Saia PCD1.M2xxx are compact and may be modular extended.


    - PCD1.M2160 with Ethernet TCP/IP and expanded memory

    - PCD1.M2120 with Ethernet TCP/IP

    - PCD1.M2020 without Ethernet TCP/IP

    18 integrated I/Os 2 free I/O slots

    up to 16 inputs/outputs or up to 32 inputs/outputs if using digital modules with 16 I/Os


    Saia PCD1.Room is for applications in the field of room automation and HeaVAC.


    - PCD1.M2110R1 with Ethernet TCP/IP for room automation applications

    24 integrated I/O 1 free I/O slot 

    up to 8 inputs/outputs or up to 16 inputs/outputs if using digital modules with 16 I/Os

  • PCD1.M1xxx*

    4 free I/O slots

    up to 32 inputs/outputs or up to 64 inputs/outputs if using digital modules with 16 I/Os

    up to 2 interfaces (serial, Profibus DP, LonWorks®)

    up to 140 kBytes user memory


    *not proposed for new projects




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